March 26, 2015

four pillars of long standing

believe it."Give it a try, just like me. "air max thea somehow, suddenly had the interest, the way she learns Xie Xinghua, kneeling knees together, hands facing the direction of closing of the Buddha, his mouth gently saying what, the sun shines on her pores, as if covered with a layer of clouds to her clothes. After I thought for a moment, feel it did not seem to do any harm, sitting Buddha, heart meditation said: Buddha, Buddha, if you really do have the spirit, showed my parents, where are they now, OK? So meditation for a while, Buddha is still not changed, I do not think shook his head smiling, if so you can see their way, would be a bit too easy. At that moment, the flower I look over, a brilliant golden light shines up and flooded in the colorful Buddhist circle of nothingness. Buddha and two Dim figures appeared, the men dressed in black, thick with a sword on her back; women have two small antlers on his head, a white, waist with a belt studded with precious stones, luxurious exception. Is up for when I want to see something a bit clearer, Buddha in the scene suddenly changed. A place full of dark places, four pillars of long standing in four weeks, was sitting in the middle of two people, two people huddle together, without moving one. Let me see where! Let me see where! My emotions such as spree, suddenly surging flocked out a firm and persistent belief, passed directly

between Earth and sky, Buddha produced a response.Buddha, a chaotic place Flash, look or blurred in the piece, but ambient light gradually clear, just when I was one step closer to the truth, but suddenly there came a scream of irrepressible in his ear. Is the voice of air max thea! My mind slightly startled, that is such a mind showing a little gap time, Buddhist flower changes, the cloud disappeared out of sight, Golden has turned into empty, leaving only the bare colorful Buddha, appeared in front of me. But air max thea and I have a family of blood, I don't give the move. But things are happening, until I carefully to see when the Buddha, where there would be no changes, layers of different colors together, glistening, piercing eyes are sore, as if to tell me what that is an illusion. Secretly sigh for a moment, I wanted to turn around, a whiff of perfume heralded suddenly threw herself into my arms, air max thea feminine body, hold me tight, afraid to have the slightest opening. "What's wrong? "I was stroking the girl's hair, gentle said. "I have ... ... I ... ... " air max thea eye uncertain horror, mouths muttered did not know what to say, and she looked into my eyes, turned out to be white, it suddenly

reminded me of a month's son. I frown tapped air max thea on the shoulders pure dint of Taoism, instantly spread on her after eight arteries and aroused Golden self-protection ability of the blood in her body. I touch down, pretty little excitement gradually calming down, eyes also returned to normal, she opened a pair of big, black eyes, staring up close to me, "flowers not missing, do you like me? "" Love it. ”"Now I'm cold, you kiss me. "Teen bold lips make up. I wonder at her sudden change, not a careful, kids, our lips touch, a hint of teenage fragrance, refreshing. "Kiss me. "The pretty pair of lips on my lips and said, she's pink lips are a little cold. I thought for a moment, lips, a small mouth with air max thea in the mouth, hard sucking, but because I just couldn't get into, they only sucked two of her pink lips, tongue has no intention of looking for fragrance. air max thea was not so gracefully, a lilac small fish fleeing desperately into my mouth, drunkenly hitting on me. Pretty little sweet sweet tongue can be so cold, give me a novelty never refreshed, then before you know it, two tongues intermingled together, let each other and myself a little closer, until finally, I got her to the girl's mouth. "Hmm!! "The flower, is kissing me air max thea, sharp pain on the tongue, a stream of blood flowed immediately from your tongue out and into the girl's mouth. I don't

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March 25, 2015

just carefully look at map skins texture, by the way

Beauty on the table, all pronouncements by my ambition to stunned. Buy Siberia? Oh my God, is it possible? People often say that Siberia is Russia a generic term in the far East, West of the Ural mountains, East to the Pacific Ocean, North to the Arctic Ocean, Southwest arrived in Kazakhstan in cheap jordans free shipping  the North, apart from the South-West Kazakhstan's portion, the remaining 10 million square kilometers in Russia's territory. The equivalent of 20 France so much. I want to buy, of course, is such a big place, Russia won't sell more, I say Siberia, especially the North-West of Mongolia "Novosibirsk", that is, outside the province of UVs province and bayanwulie cover,Where early in this century where the meteorite events, spread over 500,000 sq km barren. Become a wasteland, has been Russia abandoned for nearly a century. Novosibirsk except barren, nothing, even wanted to live, where harsh natural environment, all normal people will beat a retreat, so Russia even the Guard troops are not sent, allowing it to continue to waste. But if we find bodhisattva coloured glaze bottle fairy water, in addition to the UVs province, outside the back. Then in Novosibirsk to back to life, and that is how a great achievement! Mongolia has an area of 1.56 million square km, in addition to 500,000 square kilometers, one-fourth

increase the country all of a sudden, exciting dream and now I came up. air jordan 3 black cement  No wonder Mongolia you gorgeous enough to burn all the enthusiasm, were staring at me. "But ... but ... Russia they are willing to sell? "Xiao Qing shook road, her feeling of excitement. But she consider ever a lot. "This thing made me to think, when they were sold to have to sell, not to sell to have to sell it. "I firmly said. "You wait to receive this piece of land! "nike air max 95 linger the smallest and most easily moved, her eyes were blurred with tears," why are we so good? "I laughed," silly girl, I want to marry Mongolia so much beauty, and for you people also should be a big present for you! "" OOo, OOO ... ... "Mongolia daughters shed emotional tears without exception, moved to cry out loud. Is the Mo Jing and Ling er two little girl. Though her beauty not to go where you tear up unable to follow his eyes into the stream below. IncenseAnd Chanel they thrilled as well. A man to my woman to make such a big feat, how not exciting? Let alone the man as well as their men! They are proud! "Well, well, cry cry? This is the nice thing about it is! "I raised his glass," come on, for our success, a toast in advance! "" Do daughters have stood up, the glass touched heavily, and a source of happiness and joy, in between us ... ...

Soft, and all the air jordna 11 womens concord  Chin House has a front yard there will be immediately held a meeting, in addition to the speaker, the Prime Minister and with the participation of President, remaining is Mongolia's senior officials and authority figures. Moran and Qin Na joint strength is already Mongolia first, again with this one most of the credit, they will qualify for elites in these countries to convene meetings at the home. After they go out, but I was just with Chanel women, came together to that garden with swing, spread out the skin map, start up everyone's thoughts. I, Chanel and Feng Chen three people, is to figure out what incense as they now come to think about it, someone might find anything. In fact proves that my idea is very sensible, initially didn't pay attention to the spirit of the son, see map skins, the light "Gee" is a, grabbed the skin map, look up carefully. "Linger, the things you can see on this map? "My Angel asked. Ling didn't answer, just air jordan 4 womens bred  carefully look at map skins texture, by the way the material touched it with my hand, smiled and laid down only after the clown map skins, "nike air max 95, I don't knowWhat ghost characters painted on the map, but I've seen this map looks like, is very familiar. "" Seen somewhere? "" In my adopted father inside the cave, and huge walls, paint this map it!

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I was their man credited the nature can be attributed

even your own kind also eat animals! "Thanks to the earlier golden blood matting, air max thea goblins ghosts and stuff like that, is not scared, but between words are precise people air jordan 10 fusion red  to scold rabbit ... ... It is an animal. "You say there is not enough? "The rabbit fine sombre opening," thy blood didn't think little girls should be so effective, and eats the Hare, I have added the 50-year practice, if I eat you, then I'll be immortal, hum, you fight it! So I hand you more money. "air max thea angrily raised fist," not missing, killed it! Villain, Tiger doesn't bite, a small rabbit sperm also had tough words for. ” "! "I was summoned from the baby bag by two spells, flew into the air of their side-by-side, and a fantasy of black stone, loomed behind the spells. Gazing enviously at the rock! Such a subtle array of Taoism, a small rabbit fine, of course, can't see it, it's just vaguely wrong, so now even if it can't find my flaws and also had to start in advance to avoid it being an enemy counterattack.Rabbit fine legs kicking, feet together, using their own jumping stunts, win a recruit at a speed, air jordna 5 wolf grey  but it started after the demon forces, rail remained in the spot, the foot as often drink lead and how it all could not move, at which point it knew something bad.

has first shut, directly entered has black hole among. "Peng! "We and sweat around the feet into the black hole, suspended in space. Khan did not want to throw a Golden Lotus Flower, gold flames amid a six feet in the sky, stopped in our heads, illuminating the surrounding things. Six feet of shining, at least hundreds of square meters of range allows us to see, but what we see is still dark, nothing at all. Khan eyes a hoarse, catalytic FA Jue when six feet of light the amplification of the continuously, slowly lit up in the distance. Dozens of meters away later, anything is not seen in any other space, but at the same time,"I'm afraid air jordan 6 black infrared  not, almost all countries in South Asia, the mother River of Mekong River, but originates in China. If you are a wall of water, they have time to cry, how dare not obedient? "I am embarrassed by the smile," it's getting out new ideas and things, the Government is unlikely to do so. "Chanel is a small demon-like," said you were too honest, not sever, in dry season truncated, scare them, I'm sure they'll be good, obedient. "" This ... ... Is the Government considering things, right? We only use well for the public benefit would be nice. "I left and right, how do you feel today like Coco Chanel and Audrey for a body, Audrey is talking about right now? "Well, don't tease you

those political issues are too complicated, I prefer my little man all my life going to blend. "Chanel's bright smile," well, turned out for so long, also the back, your beauties awake yet. "I hold her hand," either tonight, we enter the bridal chamber? "" Want to get beautiful! "Chanel silver laughed, walking speed is much faster," Let me think ... ... "chapter No. 463 of qilian mountain update: 2009-4-9 20:31:29 word count in this chapter:3281Chanel guess was wrong, because of too much tired, three wives, Qin Na and Xiao Yun until lunch time, could languid to the dining room. Heard little of the report, Qin Na face xiunao immediately disappeared, together with her beauty, has cast the admiration and joy's eyes, little blue Merle was more direct, a Leer thrown over, sweet enough to make her swallow it. As long as the head man will air jordan 4 black cat  clear advantages of sand land into grassland, in this way, Moran and Qin Na, and consider themselves to people to do a good thing, worthy ancestor----I was their man, credited the nature can be attributed to them. Only that I know that things are going to slow down, I fear that they couldn't eat, straight pull I air jordan 12 womens siren red ran UVs province. Command the maids were all retired, just us in the room, I stood up: "if it is successful, I've got a better suggestion ... ... Let's buy Siberia! ”"?! "

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leaving only the continuously falling leaves and bamboo

when I laugh at her nonsense, not today but I said the same thing to, but I just do not feel that what I said wrong.air max thea's blood has become pale golden blood, and has a therapeutic effect, and because of this characteristic, air jordan 3 power blue  although bishōjo is not my nike blazer mid, me and Jun Wang couple has nothing to do, but she can be regarded as the only family I ... ... So it seems that month's son, doesn't contain what I do not know the secret? Suddenly it occurred to me, the Moon's son said, a few years ago she sent many men to protect air max thea, then why did they let air max thea jumped off jinsha River? ... ... Moon's son ordered them to do it on purpose? Mystery for something I didn't know. Thinking at this point, I held onto air max thea hands, divine consciousness in universals in tens of times in her body, but still haven't found some suspicious places, reluctant to give up. Having been together for a while, air max thea and I "occasional nervous" has long been accustomed to surprises, and she saw me walk on the face of color, tender dimple smile, "spending doesn't lack doing slouching? If you said before you are related by blood, as nike air max classic bw and nike blazer mid, like that? "My question under, smiled," are nike air max classic bw and nike blazer mid, not nike air max classic bw and nike blazer mid. "" 16 year old whippersnapper, and nike blazer mid of the more

than 600-odd days older than you so to speak? "air max thea coquetry road, air jordan 5 raging bull  hands on his hips, but before I rebut, she laughed out loud," Okay okay, you saved my life, when a nike air max classic bw to protect me as well. We had a deal, then I ask you to help, don't dismiss it. "" It's a natural, you are my relative, who hurt you, that is, and I do not lack a hard time, it will die. "I guarantee of normal road.air max thea was walking again and kissed me, "come on, we went back, MOM sure thinking about it. "Beautiful girl pulled me to turn back, to backtrack, but suddenly, surrounded by bamboo and trees, then coming across there was a strong wind, blowing people blinded temporarily. "I am so uncomfortable ... ..." air max thea face change, exposing the afflictive emotions. I brought with her body, her face becomes unusually cold, shape and gives off a faint Green road, spread around us. Striking quickly and the wind blows, I held out a hand, cyan limang flashed, "retorted," with a soft sound, like a wind blowing up people, suddenly stop

leaving only the continuously falling leaves and bamboo leaves, reminding us just one act. Three meters in front of us, and gradually there was a cloud of thick black, then dark mist turned into a dwarf one metre tall, straight end of standing there, looking grim as we. Dwarfs looks very strange, air jordan 6 retro oreo ears long, his eyes red, his lips slightly apart, hands small enough, look timid. Yet I know, like this only covered up, he just behind us on the outstretched hand, containing highly toxic, if air max thea was caught by it and I had a handful, certainly no good fruit to eat. "Giggle, not short, you see this little thing, looks just like the rabbit. "air max thea had me at your side, emboldened, even after scrutinizing the dwarves, came to this strange conclusions. But her words reminds me that all of a sudden, I see a Flash of golden light, dwarfs secrets suddenly no scares, suddenly emerged."air max thea, you have just saved the rabbit has been swallowed by it. "I knit, light on Sino-American teenage road. "Ahhh" beautiful girl exclaimed a loud, looks to dwarves look is no longer funny, but angry exception. I hugged her, went on: "and it is not human, like Hare, it is a rabbit's sperm. ” "哼! This damn thing

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air max thea about dinosaurs that huge body immediately

reached out to meet hares, but suddenly my hand away. "air max thea, you can save it now. "As I look to her and say," bite your fingers, blood dripping down upon it, it will be all right. "Beautiful girl after wrong Leng, HA laughed," How is that possible? If my blood had this feature, I have is already the womens pink snakeskin air jordan 11  world's richest man. "Paused, her I really don't mean to joke, and some carried hides," really want to do this? Certainly not now. "You don't give it a try, how do you know it doesn't work? "I pass the Hare again in front of her," give it a try, I killed it, stew soup tonight. "" Damn bad flower is not short! "air max thea for a fat finger, hesitated, and bite the finger into her mouth, biting delicate skin, fingers when the small mouth, pretty little mouth was already began to beep. However, she could see it clearly on your fingers that touch of Golden liquid, small mouth soon grow up, become a sucker for cute girls. "Bit by bit down. "I smiled and told her. air max thea is unowned, smells her fingers subconsciously on its side, a drop of pale golden liquid, fell from her finger, dripping in Hare's body and instantly into the Hare's body, saw a Flash of golden light, Hare body trembling, ruptures of the Achilles tendon of the right front leg, and instantly restored to good condition.Just looked at me and will fit the Hare go, air max thea suddenly grabbed my clothes

"flowers not missing, air jordan 14 sport blue  that is how it works? What did you do to me? ” …… It was so! Although not my pure and Nimbus are staggering, but she really had a similar relationship with me. air max thea excited now, I had caught her in his arms, thinking up road-part, gently patting her on the shoulder, which has sedative effects rattling really useful, moments later, pretty excited about the mentality of fear and slowly turned to peace. "air max thea, your pulse is designed to only 18 years old, absolutely ordinary skill will not heal. In order not to let you leave this world, I use my blood into your body, as you rescue a Hare, and you came back to life. "I said in her ear and sound. "But ... but ... Why is your blood can save me? Your blood ... ... Blonde please? "Pretty little head is a mess and she had a different feel and person," I say no shortage, you would not be the Vampire, right? "" Cranky what? "I gently in her reach on the first one," my Golden blood is the best life-saving things between heaven and Earth, drip into your body, you will be able to save you, ain't no explanation? What's air jordan 3 sport blue  more, your body with my Golden blood, from now on you can also save some small animals and the lives of ' ordinary ' people, don't thank me? "" ~ ~ "The girls looked at me in astonishment, and surprisingly moving bright-eyed," then I'm bad than flesh, was found just drink our blood, God isn't it? ”

"In theory, Yes. "I laughed," If you let the Monster a try, I will not oppose. "" Hate ~ ~ "air max thea a coquetry, will powder Pegasus by in has I of shoulder Shang," wonder this days I see you on like, also didn't want to left you, original you on I makes has bad ~ ~ "she by said of didn't want to left, natural is said of family aspects, I can does not misunderstanding beauty girls on I has has love--because air jordan 4 thunder  she of heart fundamental on no excited sweet of mood. "So, from now on, your golden blood of the presence of outsiders should never reveal their secrets, include your parents. Otherwise it must be a burden to them, rather than make them proud. "My words, says air max thea in mind, and what she was thinking of showing off your parents. Alice Alice mouth, air max thea reluctantly nodded, "that's when I'll be, possible to resurrect a dinosaur? Is the Museum only a skeleton, no physical Monster. "I laughed," If your blood is adequate to support the dinosaurs all over lotion, is also possible. "air max thea about dinosaurs that huge body, immediately dismissed this vague idea, grinned and looked at me and narrow eye-catching, beautiful young girl's face was red and see there was no one around, she tiptoed in my face womens grape air jordan 5 gently for a moment," thank you! "(Is really not crying will not vote, HA HA, everyone remembered Monday pass to nike air max classic bw Oh! ) Body female Moon's son said

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voyous personnelles ont été rapidement de selon armée par

communiquer avec moi ! « Wang Yan pastels, poings serrés, » je dois être pour garantir les droits et intérêts légitimes des filles ! "Avec cela, absolument belles filles lèverait le sort blanc vers les sorts blanc ciel, Breeze, tiré vers le haut de moi-même. Élèves ont regardé, vu les jolies filles nike air max 1 essential femme  à ne plus crier, pensaient qu'elle était prête à battre en retraite, alors que beaucoup sont déplacent vos pieds, veut quitter les lieux, mais après avoir brûlé le sort quand ils ont vu la scène blanche, mais étaient resté sur les lieux, ne pas être plus modifiés. Vu blanches sorts en brûlant du processus dans la, ne peut fermer de façon inattendue de distribué hors une unité bleue de fumée et la fumée est de plus en plus gros et plus en plus essentiel et comme est a vie générale, tout flottant pour a construction de la faculté, moments seront bâtiment siège entier, maintenant aussi est resté en place, elle a voir a voir autour et voir archet a voir pieds, trouvé ce professeur du groupe a est selon elle pour rien, seulement avec toux et pantalon a. Ce n'est pas le cas, rencontrer l'enseignant manqué, un groupe d'étudiants curieux, se précipite pour retirer de 20 mètres de l'hôtel, est clair que l'on n'a rien à voir avec mon attitude. "Est-ce ? "Belle fille Pulls/Gilets pâle Dai Mei, apparaît un peu le trac. Mon harmonie sourit, « voulez-vous me conduire à vous écouter,nike air max 90 vt homme  maintenant je l'ai fait, vous devez l'appeler selon ce que vous voulez faire. ”Robinet atteint premier Wang Yan, un argent dents, ramassé à la corne, "les membres de la faculté

je suis nouvellement inscrits nouveaux étudiants de l'année, Wang Yan, je suis ici aujourd'hui, pour protester contre le prescrit par la terreur de l'école ! Protestation ne permet pas les filles...... Ah ! "Belle fille dit seulement quelques mots, réagir, qui, sur terre, est drôles enseignants, il a immédiatement couru plusieurs armes veulent vers Wang Yan à saisir, terrifié de la jeune fille a sauté et a sauté dans mes bras. "Clap clap clap......" Après la rupture, a couru six jeunes enseignants, comme quelque chose de frappant la poitrine, rouler en arrière et à proximité de beaucoup de gens, causant une explosion de douleur appelée et grondé. Professeurs n'étaient pas claires, assez loin, voyant cela, pensé qu'il était nike air max tavas pas cher  Wang Yan a battu six enseignants, en colère et veulent immédiatement n'importe quelle fille de l'homme le plus riche dans le Sichuan, se précipita vers le haut, de condamner et de saisir les filles. Voyous n'ont pas, maintenant fermer le tapis végétal, que se sont précipité autour de Wang Yan, entourant un régiment, a rencontré veulent fait irruption dans l'encerclement de l'enseignant, ils ne soucient pas tellement, un geste de sa main, amenant jusqu'au sol, tout à coup, des dizaines d'enseignants sont sont effondrés dans la "répression" sous les palmiers. "J'ai dit Wang Yan étudiants. "Il m'a semblé qu'à Abu Dhabi, en regardant un film chinois, puis chuchota à la jeune fille dans ses bras", et maintenant vous voyez cette scène, comme quand vous n'aimez pas sportifs, d'innombrables jeunes patriotes sont des chefs de guerre maléfiques

posés sur les lieux ? "Wang Yan regarda autour de lui et trouvés dispersés dans tout le professeur assis est toux douloureuse, ou automne autrement en dehors de l'encerclement n'aurait pas, une douleur pleurnicher appelée enseignants, cette paire, il est vraiment désolant ! "Fait irruption dans ~ ~"Absolument belle fille ne pourrait pas aider mais rire sur, joli visage sur un oeil croissant courbé, mais sourire très charmant, « nous étions les méchants... » nike air max thea femme  "Vous voulez échapper ? « J'ai proposé », laissez votre papa pour la remise en état. « Oh ~ ~ "Wang Yan il sourit et dit: « Eh bien, de peur qu'être gronder par professeur plus tard, ils ont commencé le feu, jurant mais plus grand que moi! » "Pas vraiment, dit-elle, les enseignants autour, a été ravies de dans, mais heureusement ils l'appelaient élégant, sans les blasphèmes, voyous ou fermer une passe de gifle. "Hey, big brother, nous voulons sortir, pourriez vous nettoyer la route. "Wang Yan doucement sur le côté les plus proche voyous et ses employés ont toujours été très bon à la maison, parler est la bienvenue, afin que tout le monde l'aime beaucoup. L'odeur des déclarations zhī xià, voyous personnelles ont été rapidement de selon armée par enseigne, xià 32 de rang a un petit cercle, escortes avec Wang Yan et moi ; extérieur avant et après sont autour de station avec le chemin de nettoyage des nike air max plus tn pas cher gens, une fois voir mars route était moyen, bruits, attrapé ils à suivante pour mettre le passé, à a par la suite, peur avoir des enseignants et étudiants étaient lui-même laisse ouvert un article

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est venu vers moi. « Oh, donc vous avez deux pièces

de foudre aiguille or aime coup sur ; dernière un peuple de manches en la, est est apparu a un seul bleu de mille-pattes, Bared de direction j'ai pieds fin bashing à. Je ne suis pas si bête, après avoir attendu, avec qu'ils envoyèrent des truc malade, pour commencer à traiter. En fait, j'ai battu eux, acheter air jordan 1 femme  trouvé que peu de gens ont été coupés après les nerfs de la douleur, j'ai immédiatement eu recours au cloud mix Yuan marteau et l'Inde. Deux après le bébé sort, conformément à mon sens à la fois et ont lancé une attaque. Nuages mixtes Yuan marteau shàng juste Bienvenue a une boule noire a glissé, cette boule noire peut caché a quel gaz, mais il rencontra shàng nuages mixtes Yuan-marteau, fondamentaux sur n'a pas avant joué utilitaire, nuages mixtes Yuan marteau break noir boule hòu, Dayton également pas Dayton avant se précipita vers, mettre toujours en pendule dont la posture du premier un peuple des vêtements violets, jouant ont morceaux ; puis au potentiel pas élimination, tourné a un hòu tordue, à nouveau par derrière sera ensuite une épée de petits lancers de personnes vêtements violets, joué a un trou. Il vient de s'achever et fan tianyin a déjà écrasé les deux autres robe violette et une petite épée, broderie aiguilles et mille-pattes, un noir et une médaille d'or, deux gros bébé mouche est venu vers moi. « Oh, donc vous avez deux pièces, baby ! « Visage masqué rouge vêtu

légèrement changer, mais le ton reste calm, » hélas, votre tianyin de fan est une imposture, ou je dois vraiment vous agenouiller et de prier pour la miséricorde. "" Dire pourquoi tu baises tellement ! Venez et jouez pour jouer ! ”J'ai l'autorisa à air jordan 11 femme prix nag ensemble vers le bas pendant une longue période, à ce stade a été impatient avec nuages Hun Yuan marteau avec une lumière noire, s'engagent à balayer devant, plus grand fan tianyin n'est pas difficile et jeter son corps, il y a un Wei-ling le despote du monde. Rouge-habillé homme masqué sourit sinistrement, Wu est apparu au crochet à la main, et renversé pour envoyer les sentiers de l'éblouissement coloré, enroulé d'une rafale de vent comme gonflant, avait bloqué tout d'un coup les nuages d'attaque marteau Hun Yuan. Plus que cela, puis de laisser son corps homéopathiques fan tianyin soudainement tombé sur le sol, son corps une proie, après avoir quitté les bois, veut faire demi-tour le ridicule de tout mon cœur, qui, en vertu d'une grève,Beaucoup de chinois peut se permettre des gardes du corps et un certain nombre peut sortir avec plus de 10 homme puissant, garde du corps, une seule personne de Sichuan...... Et les enseignants sont entendus, fille de l'homme, est allé aux examens de l'Université de Chengdu cette année juste...... Yeux les sont plus exigeants, même les enseignants, n'ont pas besoin de sortir maintenant de trouver ça gênant ! Ainsi, après avoir écouté les demandes et les protestations de Wang Yan, enseignants avoir sensé aller retour tête, fermez la fenêtre

une épaule froide. Querelles tiens moins d'obtenir un match comme ça. Peu importe comment passionné, vous dites, ou gronder comment méchants mauvais, juste regardé avec un sourire comme vous, ne dites rien...... Je suis sûr que dans les trois minutes, vous devez laisser prises, ne disposait pas de crier de plaisir. Comme Wang Yan est maintenant donc le laisser seul pendant une longue période ou c'est juste sa voix seule. Boire deux bouteilles d'eau, même la gorge que le sucre a eu plusieurs, mais a toujours été une fille solo de chant homme, enfin la colère. "Fleurs de ne pas rater, vous aurez Tao a raison ? "Wang Yan mettre la corne vers le bas et squatté vers le bas pour parler pour moi. "Que voulez-vous ? « J'ai regardé à l'édifice, » si vous voulez me mettre ce bâtiment est cassé en morceaux, dix secondes. « Wang Yan sent un instant, hirondelle déglutition gorge claire, » si il n'y a personne en ligne, mais il y a maintenant plus de 500 enseignants en elle, est terminée...... Je vous demande, il y a aucun moyen qu'ils vont tous n'être forcé dehors, même m'écoute ? "Je n'ai pas répondu, mais les mains comme par magie, a sorti un sort blanc, remis Wang Yan.Belle fille a pris un coup d'oeil, "qu'est-ce ? Et regardé chaque année sont placés en face de ma maison. "Ne demandez pas tant de questions, et vous n'en veulent pas ? Peuvent être projetés dans les airs. "J'ai ri", mais que vous devez faire est de préparations de gronder. "" Être honni n'a pas terrible pire crainte est qu'ils étaient persuadés de l'identité aux étudiants de bully, ne veulent pas

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où bonne Miss Wang Yan, nous sommes très reconnaissants

pour s'occuper de Wang Yan, si son moyen de sortir le problème, c'est la fenêtre, donc je n'hésite plus à démarrer prononçant, prêt à se téléporter à côté de la jeune fille. Ne veux pas mon âme vient de commencer, à côté de "swish swish la brosse" plusieurs autres après que plusieurs personnages apparaissent dans mon entourage.Une fois, je pense tout air yeezy 2 pas cher  à coup que mon emplacement actuel, la maison du sud de rivière grass n'est plus l'huile, au lieu de dans une vaste étendue de l'espace infini. "M. fleurs. « Quatre Purple robe jeune homme qui a formé la position du Quartette, les hommes masqués cinquième vêtus de rouge, debout à l'extérieur de l'encerclement, parler, c'est lui, » réunira pour la première fois, je me présente, je suis « Reine » qui est venu vous voir aujourd'hui, est une affaire confiée. "Je prends mes mains et il regarda lui en silence. Sans mon intervention, des hommes masqués vêtus de rouge ne semblent pas, "cette fois, vous êtes venus au Sichuan, où bonne Miss Wang Yan, nous sommes très reconnaissants. Mais elle est nos maîtres veulent sortir des femmes, s'il vous plaît vous pouviez, laissez Miss Wang Yan Ma ? « Je suis indifférent et a  acheter vans half cab demandé, » si Zhou Guanghao vous a envoyé ici ? « « Zhou Guanghao ? « Rouge vêtu des hommes masqués ont répété le nom, puis se mit à rire, » je ne sais pas qui il est. Nous avons reçu l'ordre d'organiser ici, le seul but est de

discuter avec vous de vans old skool femme  Mlle Wang Yan, le reste ne sais pas quoi que ce soit. "Je sens mal vu, pas soupçonné qu'il mentait, en fait, son cœur est très plat et aucun signe de mensonge, qui représente il ne sache pas vraiment Zhou Guanghao. Si elles ne sont pas envoyés par Zhou Guanghao, ai été en difficulté, les ennemis secrets, j'ai toujours détesté, Wang Yan est rien de spécial et le roi ce que l'on appelle « huit » aussi difficile que cela ? Tout à coup, je ne pouvais m'empêcher de penser l'eau Yung er experience...... Wang Yan naît vraiment sale fille ?Voir me fait taire, rouge-habillé homme masqué sourit, il ne veut pas faire taire l'atmosphère qui s'est passé, "M. fleurs, je sais que vous avez tué juste il y a vans golf wang femme  quelques jours « pure positif » abandonné à roues fer route, si vous souhaitez quitter Miss Wang Yan, nous « le roi » aimerais résoudre cette catastrophe pour vous. "," Si je dis non, faire les gars va me tuer ? "Je ne demande pas de mot de réaction. "C'est peut-être le seul moyen. « Rouge vêtu oblitérés hommes a souligné les quatre personnes autour de moi, » ils sont les maîtres de la troisième voie dans mon organisation, mais par hasard se dirigea hors une personne peut tuer route roues fer

quatre personnes autour de vous, maintenant, combien pensez-vous que vous gagnez gros ? "" HA...... " J'ai ri, » et guy ombragé, je ne suis pas avoir peur ! « Red Hooded regrettable secoua la tête, », on dirait que vous avez choisi d'aller à la mort ? "Non, non ! « J'ai refusé encore et encore, » je suis si jeune, pourquoi vouloir mourir ? Maintenant, je vais vous donner deux options, l'une du genoux frapper trois tête, mains cassées et puis s'éloigner de moi et, deuxièmement, je vous tuera, cadavres abandonnés dans le désert. "Des hommes masqués rouge vêtu aussi n'a pas vans rata vulc pas cher  répondu, juste giflés mains dures. Entendu le bruit de sonnerie, quatre yeux glacis sur revêtu de la pourpre, double poutre de kicker, leurs meilleurs coups, mains instantanément augmentés par un facteur de 10 fois, griffes sauvages à mon corps. Aucune façon a été accueilli par mes mains, avec une main de fer après la première, « Bang Bang Bang » quelques fois, quatre hommes repousser plusieurs étapes en même temps. Mais ils ont évidemment ne sentent pas la douleur, quatre personnes n'a pas appelé un audible, mais prendre que quelques pas en arrière, a joué son atout.Un personnel shàng dehors à la vapeur gaz noir, un noir boule cassée vide et à; un autre peuple les deux mains mettre petite épée tirage numéro route de lancer la droite réelle, j'ai des yeux et à pointé ; troisième bouche personnel un Zhang, des dizaines

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